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AquaRecycle – Mr. Cool | Water Reuse and AZone Disinfection

From a leader in laundry water recycling comes a Warm Water Only recycling system that balances proper washing chemicals with 100% water recycling using AquaRecycle’s Advanced Oxidation Process (A.O.P.).

Mr Cool, powered by AquaRecycle’s exclusive system called AZone!™ recycles ALL the laundry wash water and reuses for all wash and rinse cycles.

There is a final cold water rinse just like the company’s award winning recycling systems.

Mr Cool™ technology is a Hybrid system that is patented, effective and safe for use in the market today. AquaRecycle uses high
concentrations of AZone for additional disinfection.

For more information, visit the company’s web site: AquaRecycle

Or call, 1.866.272.9253