CLM’s Heat Cycle Termination

CLM the dryer specialists offer improved heat cycle termination that fine tunes drying formulas to save money.

Now you can upgrade your wash aisle with new & improved dryers from CLM.  CLM, the dryer specialists, has unveiled their newest industrial dryer models. With their PLC, you can now take the guesswork out of heat cycle termination, collect a pile of actionable data and perfect dry formulas through real-time visualization.

CLM’s new dryer features include:

· The latest industry technology for efficient & productive operation

· High-efficiency low emissions forced-air burner

· Simple touchscreen PLC control with new advanced features

· Precise temperatures with improved fuel modulation

· 3-heat cycle termination methods:

                    Time/Temp, Inlet Algorithm and our perfected CLM Autodry™ feature

· Real time visualization of processes and differentials

· Enhanced data-logging to help you develop perfect programs

Controller upgrades available | On-site or factory refurbishing available


For more information, visit the company’s web site:   CLM