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CLM Certified Remanufactured Dryers

Why buy new when you can remanufacture your existing dryer?





General List of Upgrade Items:

  • Full Teardown, Clean-Up, Structure repair, Reassembly & Paint
  • Improved Maintenance & Programming Capabilities
  • Basket Re-lathed, Repaired as needed & New Removable Panels Added
  • New Basket Seals & Basket Belt
  • New support & Thrust Wheels
  • New Doors, Door Position Sensors, Gaskets & Guards
  • New Inlet/Outlet Thermocouples
  • New Pressure Switche
  • New First & Second Stage Drive Belts
  • New First & Second Stage Intermediate Shafts & Bearings
  • Full Pneumatics Replacement including Valves, Cylinders & Tubing
  • PLC & Electrical Replacement
  • New Machine Warranty

CLM Certified remanufactured dryers have all the advantages of dryer-control performance upgrades, improving dryer performance and extending the life of your dryer.

The Control Upgrade Package features:

  • Redesigned UL approved electrical panel
  • 3-heat cycle termination methods
  • Improved maintenance & programming capabilities
  • Spare set of replacement Nomex seals provided
  • Replacement of all electronic components – Pressure switches & temperature sensors,  New Style mod motor & thermocouples


CLM customers who have purchased CLM CERTIFIED/RM dryers within the last few years include:

    • Aramark • Ameripride • ImageFirst • Ideal Linen • American Textile, • A Linen Connection • Puretex • N. Texas Health Care • Mission Linen • Mickey’s Linen • Braun Linen • Republic Master • Supreme Laundry • Carnegie Linen


For more information, visit the company’s web site:  CLM