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Braun Precision Series Ironers

Braun has your ironer solution.  Braun Precision Series® Standard and Self-Contained Ironers are 20 – 30% more energy efficient than ever before.

Some of the many new modifications to the Precision Series Ironers:

  • Insulated side shields maintain the heat within the ironer box, not on the drive components.  Others have non-insulated sheet steel design.
  • Ironer canopy improves performance by retaining heat within the ironer, providing a more temperate workplace.  It is also lightweight and easy to remove, stack, and slide.  Others are polycarbonate, non-insulated canopies resulting in heat loss and lack a sliding, lift-off design. 
  • Single-inverter drive system with fully adjustable speed control.  Others require an intermediate drive unit with complicated control panels and higher costs. 
  • Poly-chain drive ensures high reliability and low maintenance leading to a low cost of ownership based on the design and simplistic drive train.  Others have a multi-motor design with separate electronics to operate each roll; each drive requires a separate motor and inverter to operate. 
  • Torsion bar suspension assures uniform side-to-side pressure and uniform drying, with flatwork traveling through the ironer with a minimum of padding wear. Others feature a pneumatically controlled system using roll lift cylinders to control the roll pressure.  Because of the cylinder wear and inconsistent plan air pressure demand, the side-to-side roll pressure is challenging to control.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Braun