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Braun 450 Open Pocket Water Reclamation System

The system tank of Braun’s new open pocket water reclamation system recovers 173 gallons of water (450 lb. Open Pocket Washer/Extractor)! The water typically comes from the final rinse of the previous load, which is then added to the initial fill cycle of the next load.

Features Include, but are not limited to:

· Minimal footprint – only 4.5” deeper than the existing yellow fence/guarding

· Can be retrofitted on any touchscreen-controlled Open Pocket Washer

· Environmentally friendly with a compelling ROI

· Quick disconnect fittings (hose and electrical cables), and caster wheels for easy access to the washer for routine maintenance

For more information, visit the  company’s web site:  Braun 

Or, contact Braun  at: (800) 432-7286.