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Sea-lion SDX Tunnel Washer System

Sea-lion milestone product, SDX tunnel washer, is available in 60kg and 80kg batch capacities and 7 to 16 module configurations. The design consists of the perfect, field-proven combination of single drum and double drum technology.

Modules are fitted with chemical ports and water and drain valves to create the right wash liquor ratio, as well as strong lifting ribs for excellent mechanical action and bottom transfer processing. Loading is by weight sensing conveyor or overhead sling monorail.

Built-in reuse tanks optimizes water consumption. Extraction is available in either multi-stage hydraulic press or centrifugal extractor. Multi-stage press feature exclusive dual rinse feature. SCADA based control platform provides for full wash system programming and complete system monitoring. Systems can be designed for healthcare/medical or hospitality laundry operations.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Sea-lion America