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B&C Technologies Large Capacity Washers

PANAMA BEACH, Fla — The B&C line of large capacity washers focus on an engineering-driven design that is durable, reliable, built for longevity while maintaining a low cost of ownership.

While available in capacities that range from 110 pounds up to 475 pounds, these machines still utilize a simple design that saves money by allowing for easy maintenance, keeping repair costs and downtime to a minimum. These machines also have the all new, flexible FM7 control which is Bluetooth compatible for easy programming.

The high extract speed of this soft-mount line ensures less dry time for goods, which saves on utility costs along with a reduction of wear and tear on the goods. All B&C washers feature a solid foundation, a large door opening for easier loading or unloading, and a strong door and hinge system made of 304 stainless steel. B&C’s line of large capacity

For more information visit the company’s web site:  B&C Technologies