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  • B&C Tech New Innovative Line of Washer Extractors

    B&C Tech New Innovative Line of Washer Extractors

    B&C Technologies, based out of Panama City Beach, Florida, premiered their newest line of machines at the Clean Show in Atlanta, Georgia. B&C has been providing a complete line of commercial and industrial washers, dryers, ironers, folders, and feeders for over 20 years and they’ve recently expanded their offerings to vended equipment and a new

  • B&C Technologies – New Equipment: Clean 2022

    B&C Technologies – New Equipment: Clean 2022

    Over 20 years ago B&C Technologies premiered their new, innovative designs for laundry equipment at Clean ‘01.  Our engineering team has spent the past few years diligently working and we’re excited for the return to Clean to share the latest in our line of laundry offerings.  Bengt Bruce, president and owner of B&C, has worked

  • Choosing an Ironer for your Commercial Laundry

    Choosing an Ironer for your Commercial Laundry

    By Al Adcock, VP of Sales and Marketing at B&C Technologies – When determining which ironer to choose for your industrial laundry or commercial laundry, there are several things to consider, from production requirements to service and everything in between.  While this is not an all-encompassing guide, as site details vary widely, this guide aims to be

  • B&C Technologies DI Series

    B&C Technologies DI Series

    PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. — The DI Series of dryers from B&C Technologies offers the best price and care for your laundry needs. This affordable and efficient line comes in 225, 325, or 475 pound capacities, offering an optional one or two way tilting and vertical or horizontal opening doors. The DI Series also showcases

  • B&C Celebrates 25 Years

    B&C Celebrates 25 Years

    B&C Technologies, a family company, was founded in 1995 by Bengt Bruce as a commercial laundry parts business largely based out of his daughter’s garage. Now employing 35 people, B&C Technologies has moved into their permanent home on Panama City Beach. The 70,000 square feet facility, the fifth and final location, houses our office, warehouse,

  • B&C Technologies PF Series Small Piece Folder

    B&C Technologies PF Series Small Piece Folder

    B&C Technologies PF Series small piece folder is not only reliable but very versatile. Whether you’re running towels, sheets or garments you get consistent, quality results. Available in either triple sort or single sort, the PF makes easy work of processing towels. One machine has the capability of replacing three workers folding towels by hand

  • B&C Technologies Washer – Extractors

    B&C Technologies Washer – Extractors

    PANAMA CITY, Fla. —B&C Technologies offers a range of washers for commercial usage.  Its machines run from 35 pound capacity to 200 pounds. All B&C washers offer a simple design and sturdy construction to keep maintenance and downtime to a minimum and increase productivity. The HE high efficiency hardmount line ranges from 35 to 110

  • B&C Service School

    B&C Service School

    B&C Technologies has announced its next service school scheduled for Tuesday, November 19 and Wednesday, November 20. The service school will be held at B&C’s Panama City Beach, Florida location – 17740 Ashley Drive, Suite 109. The two day school covers maintenance, troubleshooting, programming, etc. B&C will provide lunch both days, dinner the first night,