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B&C Technologies – Hospitality Equipment

PANAMA BEACH, Fla — Busy hotels don’t have time for breakdowns, which is why B&C Technologies designed their machines to be trouble free. At B&C Technologies, they know that fewer parts means less things to wear out, resulting in less downtime while increasing productivity.

Understanding the need to save every dollar possible, B&C’s machines utilize a higher G-force extraction. This leads to less time necessary for goods to spend in the dryer and lowers both energy and labor costs.  B&C machines are also made to be user-friendly with easy to operate controls that keep training time to a minimum.

B&C’s HE line of washer-extractors are the perfect fit for any hospitality operation, and are complimented by their rugged and economical DE line of dryers. Built with the same standards of quality and affordability, hospitality laundries can count on B&C  dryers to keep their laundry running smoothly.  At the end of the processing line, B&C’s complete line of finishing equipment makes hotel and restaurant linens wrinkle free and truly finished.

For more information visit the company’s web site:  B&C Technologies