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EDRO DynaWash® Side Loader Washer-Extractor

EAST BERLIN, Conn. — The side loader washer-extractor range from the EDRO Corporation is available in model-loading capacities of up to 230 (105 kg) and 450-pounds (205 kg).

The split two-pocket cylinder/basket configuration has a full-width door opening that can be positioned at an assortment of angles for gravity-assisted loading and unloading. It also offers a 180-degree, open-drop design for excellent mechanical wash action.

The cylinder door features effortless operating hardware, securely fastened to the cylinder in machined pistons and bushings, while the large outer door is fitted with an ergonomic locking mechanism.

The range is equipped with a state-of-the art DynaTrol HMi touch screen control for the most specific wash programming, simplest operator interface, and full array of owner/supervisor productivity reporting. Plus, integrated ozone control provides for maximum safety and ease of use of EDRO’s powerful DynOzone – DynaWash® ozone system.

Drawing on years of experience from its end loading models, the side loading machine design incorporates EDRO’s proven DynaMount suspension system. This setup offers a dynamically tuned suspension system that significantly reduces vibration transmission.

The DynaMount system comprises independent spring assemblies incorporating heavy-duty, reverse-loaded coil springs and a set of permanently sealed, tuned shock absorbers. Additional shock absorbers are mounted to the washer-extractor frame for additional stabilization.

The machines feature an inverter with single motor variable speed drive with high slip and positioning brake system. Inverter with single motor drive technology is a tremendous advance in machine speed control. The design has significantly fewer parts than conventional multiple-motor set-ups with single-speed motors, clutches and gearboxes, while delivering more speed selections and greater energy efficiency. Paired with the programmability of the HMi/PLC, multiple parameter settings allow high torque wash speeds with steep slope starts and stops and elongated slopes for even load distribution and acceleration to high extract.

Inverter drive monitoring and EDRO’s exclusive variable step extract sequencing result in smoother speed transitions between the washers’ agitate, distribution and acceleration phases to final high extract speed. The unique speed algorithm of the variable step extract spins the machine faster and faster as more water is removed from the load. This results in less and less water weight in the load as the machine spins faster and faster. High slip braking allows braking torque in excess of 100% of full load motor torque by controlling the deceleration from high speed to make the motor operate as an efficient induction generator. The advantage of this method is that no additional parts are required to stop the machine.

The compact machine design also includes:

* An EDRO-designed, side-mounted motor plate and enclosed cabinet guarding which significantly lowers the machine profile and footprint

* Dual-fill piping and dual drains to decrease step times for fast, efficient cycle times

* Stainless steel basket and wash tub

* Automatic 10-port liquid chemical injection with manual hopper

The optional DynOzone – DynaWash® ozone system features Power Cell technology. This revolutionary onboard system combines a built-in, onboard ozone generator with a high-speed machine for markedly improved washroom efficiency. It is, perhaps, the most efficient method available to produce and deliver a consistent output of ozone gas to a washer-extractor.

Other options available for the side loader washer-extractor range are:

* DynaCop machine networking

* Water reuse ready

* Direct steam injection

* Flushing dry compartment supply injection

EDRO Corporation designs and manufactures industrial strength DynaWash® washer-extractors, DynOzone – DynaWash® Ozone System, the M-SERIES tumbler dryers for U.S. Navy shipboard and submarine laundries, and the C-SERIES tumbler dryers for all types of on-premise and commercial & industrial laundries.

For more information, visit the company’s website:  EDRO Corporation


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