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Braun’s Open Pocket Washer Extractors

Braun open pocket washer/extractors stand the test of time with exceptional durability and consistent performance. They are available in processing capacities of 250 – 300, 400 – 600, and 600 – 700 lbs., dry weight load sizes and all can be ordered for chute loading.

Braun offers three chute loading options:
* Traditional fully automated systems consisting of auto chute sling loaded washers
* Automated mezzanine staged systems
* Braun SafeLoad® Shuttle Systems

* There are more Braun open pockets in the industry than all others combined.
* Most Braun 20 to 25-year old machines are still in service and running like new.
* These machines offer the largest processing capacity in the industry per allocation of floor space.
* Braun’s 650N2 washer/extractor will process 675lbs. in the same space as the industry’s average 400 lb. machine, and the 450N2 fits in the same space as most 200-pound machines! This means more processing capacity….growth without plant expansion.

Braun washer/extractors are designed in such a way that the load balances itself prior to moving into the extraction phase. By slowly ramping up to a programmable extraction speed, Braun washer/extractors evenly distribute the wet goods against the cylinder, eliminating the need for artificial counterbalances. This balance method results in consistent thickness of goods throughout the cylinder, delivering a uniformly extracted load, free of wet clusters which greatly hinder the efficiency of your drying and finishing areas.

Standard on all Braun open pockets, single-motor drive (SMD). Using only one motor, a Braun open pocket is economical to operate, easy to maintain and offers greater flexibility in program options.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Braun