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Braun Batch Tunnel Washing Systems

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Braun has been supplying the domestic and international markets with batch tunnel washing systems for more than 30 years. Braun SmoothFlow® tunnels are available in 130 and 150 pound classifications and 220 pound classification. These weights are based on clean dry weight of linen, not soil weight).

Braun Batch Tunnel Washers are designed to provide users with an efficient processing solution that is easy to operate and simple to maintain. This is accomplished by a robust heating and energy recovery system as well as a mechanical design philosophy centered on reliability, durability and simplicity.

Design Efficiency
– Braun’s positive transfer process prevents roping and jamming providing the
most superior transport capability on the market.
– Braun tunnels operate with an open helicoid process unlike tunnels utilizing a
true archimedial screw.
– Each chamber washes with a similar level of mechanical action as that of
a conventional open pocket washer for exceptional wash quality.
– Single drum design – eliminates cumbersome maintenance as with double-
drum systems.

Counterflow Process
– Goods are kept in progressively cleaner solution during each process in the
wash and rinse zones. This process has been proven to provide superior

Water Recovery and Reuse System
– Ensures all possible process water is captured and recycled throughout the
entire machine. Every stream is reused at least once!
– Achieve .5 gallons or less of water per pound of linen without sacrificing quality!

Heating System Efficiency
– Heated process streams are reused throughout the machine allowing BTU’s to
be conserved in the process!

Drive System
– Flexible design – the ability to forward and reverse rotate manually if needed
– Inverter drive system allows for exceptional drum oscillation and wash agitation
for consistent performance and end product quality.

For more information, visit the company’s web site: Braun