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Lavatec’s LX Series Large Washer-Extractors 

BEACON FALLS, Conn. — Lavatec Laundry Technology manufacturers a wide range of durable and reliable equipment for the commercial laundry equipment market. The company offers three, LX-series large capacity front-loading washer extractors that are the right choice for specific fabric washing needs or small-scale operations. The Open Pocket LX425 (250 lbs. capacity), LX445 (450 lbs.) and LX460 (600 lbs.) are designed to perform for many years.

The LX series has a computerized system that allows for touch screen management, with a simple designed system to control time and temperature, level, dosing, drum speed, reversing and cool-down aspects. It also provides the option to operate as an automated system, or can be adjusted and controlled manually.

A single inverter-controlled drive motor applies reserve power during wash and spin cycles for the lowest energy consumption at any speed. When combined with high extraction rates, costs can be lowered via reduced drying times. These machines are exceptionally quiet during operation, with air bag cushioning, shock absorbers and levelers assuring precision performance.

A compact design and small footprint is the steppingstone for maintenance-friendly operation. Benefits include variable drum portioning and a variable rotation speeds for washing and extracting. Optional automatic feeding, discharge and water recovery systems are also available.

Lavatec provides both bottom or center transfer systems for continuous tunnel washers. These machines come in a variety of sizes between 55-220 lbs. and from 6-18 modules, allowing a buyer to choose the right size system for their laundry demands. They are designed to produce maximum efficiency, top-flight performance and will last for many years. New technology focuses on energy efficiency, with water consumption as low as 0.35 gallons per lb. of washed linen.

Four friction drives that do not utilize chains or gear reducers make it the most effective way to power a tunnel. Built for simplicity and the lowest operating costs in the industry, Lavatec tunnel washers can be customized for any client’s needs, including standing baths, counter flow and multiple drains.

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