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EDRO DynOzone – DynaWash Ozone System

Ozone – How Can It Benefit Your Laundry Operation?

There are numerous benefits to be gained from using ozone in laundry operations. With the proper wash programs, ozone can save substantial money on operating efficiencies. Total cycle time, hot water usage, and overall water usage can be reduced and still produce quality results.

Significant benefits of using ozone in your laundry operation:

1 – Reduced Energy Costs

Typically, sanitizing is achieved with hot water but cold water is best for ozone. This leads to reduced hot-water consumption and, to a lesser extent, reduced drying times resulting in considerable energy savings.

2 – Reduced Water/Sewer Costs

Ozone aids the effectiveness of traditional laundry chemicals, thus reducing the amounts required. Because of this reduction, fewer rinse cycles are needed in the wash. This leads to a reduction in water consumption and sewer discharge.

3 – Reduced Drying Times

Ozone does not alter the pH level of water, unlike bleach and detergents, so less souring chemicals are needed. This decreases the need for softener – which coats the fibers and holds moisture in the fabric – thereby extending drying times.

4 – Reduced Chemical/Detergent Costs

Ozone is faster than chlorine bleach – at equal concentrations – when destroying bacteria and sterilizing linens. Because ozone reverts to pure oxygen after use, there are no chemical residues. As the wash cycle needs fewer chemicals, a high level of disinfection can be achieved with ozone.

5 – Increased Linen Life

When laundering with ozone, washing and drying-cycle times are shortened. Therefore exposure to chemicals and heat is reduced and fabric wear is decreased. The water-softening properties of ozone also improve fabric life.

6 – Increased Fabric Softness & Brightness

Ozone helps to prevent re-deposition of soil onto linens – one of the major causes of fabric graying. This eliminates further bleaching and chemical use. It also reduces chemical usage resulting in softer, fluffier linens.

7 – Improved White and Colored-Load Mixes

Ozone reduces the need for bleach in many applications allowing white and colored linens to be washed together, saving on labor costs incurred for load separation.

The EDRO Corporation manufactures the DynOzone-DynaWash® Ozone System. This is a revolutionary onboard system that produces and delivers a consistent output of ozone gas to a washer-extractor.

Utilizing Power Cell technology, the system comprises a revolutionary built-in, onboard ozone generator, high-speed washer-extractor with single motor variable-speed drive and fully programmable HMi touch screen control. It is a complete system that is extremely simple but very effective.

DynOzone is an air stream of charged gas molecules produced by the Power Cells and generated on site at the machine. All components are built into and fully integrated with the washer-extractor. No separate controls, wiring or connections are required and components are specifically sized for each machine. System maintenance is as simple as changing a light bulb.

The system can be programmed in any wash/rinse step. To activate, enter the DynaTrol HMi touch screen control programming mode. Selecting the “Ozone” button on the wash/rinse setup screen will activate the Power Cells and pump. They will run concurrently for the programmed time of the selected step.

The Power Cell exposes atmospheric air to special crystal lamps that emit both ultraviolet and infrared radiation. As air passes through the Power Cell, a safe, disinfected and sanitized air stream is created, which is then injected into the wash wheel.

Ozone deodorizes laundry by breaking the molecular bonds of most odor-causing organic and inorganic compounds. After using DynOzone you will notice your laundry has a fresh clean scent, similar to the atmosphere directly after a lightning storm or clothes drying in sunshine on a clothesline.

On average, laundries who have installed DynOzone washers and replaced their industry standard wash programs have reported increased productivity from their washroom thanks to more loads per day due to the faster turns of the machines.

The DynOzone – DynaWash® Ozone System has successfully processed hypoallergenic odor-free laundry in hotels, shirt laundries, nursing homes, fire houses, prisons, commercial laundries and other on-premise laundries.


For more information on EDRO’s DynOzone – DynaWash Ozone System, visit the company’s web site:  EDRO Corporation


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