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Milnor’s Automated Pass Through System Dryer

KENNER, La. — Pellerin Milnor’s automated pass-through system dryers, which range from 100-750 lb capacities are ideal for any automated commercial laundry, thanks to many energy-saving features. These include new ratio air burners, fixed tilt basket, and unique Energy Saver Seal™ and Mode IV dryer end point technology.

Another major innovation in Milnor dryers is the GreenFlex™ dryer component system (Automatic Energy Mode), which allows for dynamic modification of air flow (air quantity and recirculation) to reduce fuel consumption at off-peak times. GreenFlex employs a more energy-efficient drying cycle when the laundry is able to run longer drying times. When the MultTrac™ system controller identifies multiple waiting loads, it will turn off GreenFlex (without operator assistance). This auto-pilot feature reduces energy consumption, without compromising workflow or dry quality.

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