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Milnor’s Divided Cylinder Staph Guard Washer-Extractors

Pellerin Milnor’s divided-cylinder barrier washer-extractors improve production in healthcare laundries.

The divided cylinder Staph Guard(r) washer-extractors (42044 SR2, 60044 SR2, and 72044 SR2) boost washroom production in healthcare laundries through innovative cylinder design and a space-saving size.

The Staph Guard models are productive and help prevent cross-contamination with a special airflow and door design. Goods are loaded on the soiled side through a single inner door and unloaded through one door on the clean side.

While, the original patent for the Milnor Staph Guard washer was filed over fifty years ago, current Staph Guard models are equipped with the innovative MilTouch-EX™ control. These models still maintain the structural and design elements of Norvin Pellerin’s invention.

The minimal footprint conserves valuable floor space, making them ideal where space is limited. Milnor offers these barrier washer-extractors in 220-700 lb. (100-318 kg) capacity to suit any healthcare laundry’s needs.

For more details, email milnorinfo@milnor.com, call 800-469-8780, or visit the company’s website:  Milnor 



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