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EDRO Corporation – NX140 Rigid Mount Washer-Extractor

The EDRO DynaWash® NX140 open pocket rigid mount washer-extractor features extraction speeds of 197G through a highly efficient inverter with single motor drive setup with high slip and positioning brake system. The machine features state-of-the-art DynaTrol Human Machine Interface (HMi) Touch Screen Control, five-port liquid supply injection, a stainless-steel basket and wash tub, stainless-steel front, top and side panels, and an all-electric design.

With its extensive program step and event memory, and simple and intuitive navigation, the touch screen control is simple enough to use for the basic operator, in multilingual formats, while offering an array of machine information for owner management.

Features include:

* 100 program memory with 50 steps per program

* Digital password security and change logger

* Productivity reporting with service timers and counters

* Step independent wash speed settings

* “On the Fly” program override capable

The controller’s integrated ozone control also provides maximum safety and ease of use of the powerful DynOzone – DynaWash® ozone system. The optional DynOzone cleaning feature greatly reduces hot water requirements, while providing high-quality, low re-wash results.

Other options for this machine include: liquid/dry five-compartment supply injection, direct steam heating with built-in diffuser, electric heating element, Viton formulated seals, stainless-steel inlet valves, and flushing compartment dry supply. The NX140 is also available in a water-reuse ready version with an extra inlet valve and drain.

Typical installations for the NX140 include the “on premise laundry” (OPL), hospitality, healthcare, dry-cleaning & wet-cleaning, industrial and uniform rental, and prison markets.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  EDRO