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Sea-lion’s Medical Barrier Washer-Extractors

Sea-lion America has two medical barrier washer-extractors, the BW-600 and BW-1000A. These machines have rated loading capacities of 600 liters or 135-pounds (60 kg.) and 1,000 liters or 225-pounds (100 kg.), are available in either open pocket or split pocket cylinder design and available with steam or electric heating.

The barrier type design provides the necessary separation between soiled and clean sides of the laundry operation with a fully enclosed stainless-steel shell, interlocking controls, and protective membrane seal. The stainless steel cylinder material is finished with a proprietary mirror surface finishing technology.

Fitted with a touch screen control, BW washers feature full wash programmability of all machine functions and available in multi-language display. For loading accuracy, the washers are fitted with a load weighing function which displays real-time load weight on the controller screen with a tolerance of +/- 2%.

Freestanding operation is made possible by a robust tubular frame supporting the washtub in an airbag suspension system that is further enhanced by an inverter with single motor drive to provide smooth, reliable and efficient power with selectable extract speeds up to 336 G.

The washer has an exceptionally large loading door that can support two operators for loading and unloading of goods. In addition, there is an automatic positioning device that precisely locates the door opening alignment after program completion to eliminate the need for jogging. For safety, the inner door lock is fitted with a detecting device and magnet to assure proper lock engagement and secure door closure. The mold-pressed outer door is fitted with oversized actuators to guarantee a watertight seal.

Sea-lion barrier type washer-extractors are the perfect choice for medical laundry operations or where it is advantageous to physically separate soiled from clean linens.

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