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Braun Precision Series Small Piece Folder

Standard features of Braun Precision Series Small Piece Folder include:

Folds items such as towels (bath, hand, and pool), bath mats, pillow cases, incontinence pads, baby blankets, hospital gowns, and scrubs.

Operators do not have to “pace” the feeds, the machine will process the goods as fast as the operator can feed.

Belts never stop moving, increasing goods throughput.

In-feed wheels are user selectable between 2 and 4 wheels based on operator preference.  2 wheels are ideal for small parts and 4 for large parts.

Stepper motor width control for precise French fold width adjustment from 6″ to 14″ in 1 inch increments.

French folds items up to 42″ x 72″.

Cross folds are made with a mechanical knife blade, resulting in crisp, precise folds. Other machines use air nozzels making folds dependent on the quality of air being supplied and have difficulty folding thick items.

Air consumption – Braun machines use a maximum of 7.5 CFM of air with air boost at the highest setting constantly on, running 1,000 pieces per hour.  Because Braun machines can pulse air boost to only operate when an item is in the French fold section, it is usually completed in half the time.  This reduces air consumption to 3.75 CFM even with high air boost engaged due to the use of mechanical fold blades instead of air.

Automatic stacking up to stack height of 11″, quantity of goods dependent on thickness of goods.

Machines are pre-programmed for standard goods from the factory, customer goods are specifically programmed upon receipt during machine build.

Cross fold options in halves, thirds, or quarters.

For more information on the Braun Precision Small Piece Folder go here. 

Or, visit the company’s web site:  Braun