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Sea-lion CYZ Serpentine Chest Ironers

Sea-lion’s CYZ dual chest plate, single roll ironer features a single 1300 mm (51”) diameter roll that is 3400 mm wide and can process flatwork linens up to 50 meters per minute.

The ironing surface includes both steam-heated roll, and upper and lower press plates. A serpentine flow path regulated by a variable speed drive allows for ironing on both sides of the linen with the rotation of the roll by up to 510 degrees of contact.

This unique design results in a substantially smaller machine footprint.

The machine is fitted with a touch screen control that is fully programmable and can be networked with several choices of spreader/feeders and folders to create a fully automated finishing line of the highest quality output.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Sea-lion America