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CLM-Infection Control via Next Generation Dryers

A goal of Consolidated Laundry Machinery, is to deliver powerfully efficient dryers capable of upholding the strictest sanitation standards to your location. As the only manufacturer in the United States solely focused on creating industrial-grade laundry dryers, its equipment can be a potent weapon in the arsenal against infectious diseases. Hospital laundry machines demand the latest in technology and efficiency. CLM is dedicated to meeting and exceeding this demand through innovative technologies and a commitment to thorough cleanliness.

At healthcare facilities, the concept of infection control is deep-rooted in its standard operating procedures and forms the basis of how hospital staff interacts with patients.

Since the mid-20th century, healthcare providers have called upon the use of antimicrobial agents to thwart the spread of disease; however, the CDC reports over two million annual cases of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections occur throughout the United States. While the use of antibiotics and the perseverance of bacterial strains play a role in bacterial evolution, hospitals must take active steps to inhibit this development through powerful laundry equipment.

The role of hospital laundry machines in the quest of infection control is far greater than what many anticipate. Linens and other washable items are continuously exposed to serious bacteria, viruses and a variety of pathogenic organisms capable of serious harm. Throughout the world, hundreds of millions of patients are exposed to dangerous pathogens, which result in unnecessary deaths and untold financial implications for health care facilities.

As professionals dedicated to stimulated health and vitality, preventing the spread of infectious diseases is of utmost importance. Infection prevention must be considered at all levels, but its foundation rests in the quality of hospital laundry equipment and chemicals used during the washing and drying process. Along with the use of sustainable and easily sanitized linens, hospital laundries must utilize powerful machines capable of thoroughly eradicating pathogens.

Within the realm of infection control, administrative staff must carefully review the quality and potency of laundry equipment. To begin, hospital laundry washing machines must achieve water temperatures capable of killing pathogens while also utilizing chemical detergents designed to eliminate harmful organisms. A washing machine for hospital use must meet clinical and quality standards while dryers must achieve true industrial qualifications. Along with laundry equipment, staff must continuously be trained on how to properly handle, wash, dry and store linens to lower the transmission of infectious diseases. Organizations, such as the Association for Linen Management, offer certifications designed to enhance the knowledge and skillsets of laundry workers and managers.


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