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Braun’s Precision Series Flatwork Ironers

Braun manufactures the Precision Series® flatwork ironers with deep chest heating and large diameter rolls to apply a superb flatwork finish. Their deep chest ironer’s durability and reliability is superior over flex chest ironers.

The Braun Difference:

Torsion Bar
* Braun’s torsion bar suspension distributes pressure evenly along each roll,
eliminating the need for daily adjustments to maintain correct contact.
* Every Braun ironer includes a torsion bar on each ironing roll

Floating Chest
* Braun’s floating chest, along with the torsion bar, self-center during
operation to the ironing roll, optimizing the contact area under pressure

* Poly-chain drive ensures high reliability, low maintenance, and low cost
of ownership
* All rolls run at equal speed (direct controllable speed)

Precision Series ironer chests are tested to 353 psi hydrostatically and ASME stamped and certified. If a piece of metal should go through the ironer and gouge the chest, the Braun chest can be buffed out. If this same damage situation should occur in a thin walled/flex chest ironer, the chest must be replaced. Replacement is the only alternative. This is important to consider as you evaluate the best use of your capital.

Both the Precision Series standard and self-contained thermal ironers have proven to provide years of exceptional high quality output.

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