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B&C Technologies Ironer Line

PANAMA BEACH, Fla — The B&C line of ironers provides an outstanding performance at the lowest price.

Increased efficiency, fewer parts, and low maintenance help save money and time from any laundry operation. The robust, energy efficient inverter drive system allows for incredibly flexible operation and excellent protection for the motor. By using the latest technology, B&C’s drive system provides precise speed control, soft starting, and accurate temperature regulation – all with easy to use controls.

B&C’s line of ironers are built to be durable, with a heavy duty steel frame and belts that are impervious to the high temperatures found in the ironing environment. In addition to efficiency and power, the operator’s safety is of utmost importance. B&C ensures a safe to use machine by utilizing industry standard safety features such as circuit protection, interlocked panels, and emergency stops located around the machine.

The B&C Ironer line – Powerful, Dependable, and Affordable.

For more information visit the company’s web site:  B&C Technologies