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Lavatec’s Finishing Equipment

BEACON FALLS, Conn. — Lavatec’s finishing products, including ironers, feeders, folders and more, are engineered for the highest return and provide customers the ability to minimize linen replacement costs. Five critical benefits include faster throughput, labor savings, easier operation, superior cleanliness and consistent processing for the ultimate customer satisfaction. All of these products are ergonomically for comfortable, economic use and are designed insulated with high-quality thermal materials for energy conservation and cooler working environments.

The LavaRoll PC-Series 80 and 120 ironers are available in 32” and 48” roll sizes and steam, gas or thermal oil systems. With direct drive transmission and a rigid chest design with a 7-year warranty, customers have the option of 1-3 roll configurations with widths of 118”, 130” or 138”. Pictured above is the Lavatec LavaRoll FL80 ironer.

The LavaFeed DR-Series of feeders offers 2-4 person feed capabilities, with the versatility of 1-2 lanes for large piece feeding and 4 lanes of small piece feeding. The ergonomic design with a simple clip system saves time and effort, with quality spreader belts and brushes and an optional lifting discharge conveyor.

LavaFold King and FL Smart folders both have 1-2 lanes of large piece feeding and 4 lanes of small piece feeding. The LavaFold King has 3 primary and 3 crossfold options, and the FL Smart model can handle items up to 142” in length.

For more information visit the company’s website: www.LLTusa.com