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Lavatec Laundry Technology’s Infrared Sensors

BEACON FALLS, Conn. — Lavatec Laundry Technology small and large capacity dryers are designed with infrared sensors to keep linen surface temperatures consistent and within established set points for a multitude of reasons. The sensors measure temperatures to maintain consistency for safety purposes to prevent overheating during automatic runs, and to monitor energy use levels for the shortest possible drying times. The sensors prevent over-drying by observing the linen temperatures and ending the drying process when it reaches the optimal temperature. These measures are all part of Lavatec’s new standards for better finishing and higher returns for customers.

The TT-series of transfer-batch steam or gas-heating dryers combines superior performance and reliability with energy savings. Seven models with capacities ranging from 140-600 lbs. include a Lavatec designed and built Line Burner that makes them 20-30% more efficient than older style burners when used with the infrared sensors. The line burner extends the entire depth of the drum, eliminating hot and colt spots for uniform drying.

The FL-series of front loader gas, steam or electric heating dryers features an ergonomic design with custom settings and a drum that tilts for easy unloading. Six smaller models range from 20-175 lbs. capacity and four larger models are available, ranging from 200-600 lbs. capacity.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Lavatec Laundry Technology