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Meese ERGO Products. Built to Protect Your People and Bottom Line

Meese knows that customers are constantly trying to improve the workplace to better protect the safety of their team members. Awkward, repetitive and forceful movements often expose workers to physical risk which can result in potential injuries. Those injuries can be painful for your team members, resulting in many missed work days. This, in turn, can be costly for companies and negatively affect overall productivity.

Meese ERGO products were designed to help prevent those injuries. They have special features like spring-loaded platforms and ergonomic cutouts to make loading and unloading easier by reducing repetitive bending and reaching which can lead to back stress and other physical injuries. Our ergonomic solutions are used in a broad spectrum of material handling applications and industries including laundry, distribution, food processing, scrap and recycling, construction, and demolition.

Some examples of Meese ERGO products include:

• The 72 ERGO has all the benefits of the 72P with a spring platform for easy landing and unloading of items.
• The 72N has a snap on cargo net to safely hold contents of the cart.
• The 72L has a lower and wider opening that greatly improves its ease of use.
• Meese’s worker-friendly Spring Platform trucks make reaching linens easier than ever for your team members.
• Meese’s Ironer Feed-Trux fit comfortably under the ironer feed board for easy access.
• The ultra-durable and versatile Industrial Sorting Table has a large surface for easy sorting and is built to handle the heaviest loads.

To help make things safer and easier for your team members and ultimately better for your company, check out Meese ERGO products on its website. For more information, go to

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