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Braun Project Management – Consultation, Design and Installation

Braun’s Project Management services include consultation, design and installation

At the onset of every new project a Project Management Team is assembled to gain a better understanding of your laundry processing needs, inclusive of your budgetary restraints, timeline and return on investment. Our team(s) consists of a project manager and a field operations supervisor, as well as a number of additional professionals with the appropriate expertise. Your project, whether a single point solution or the construction of a new laundry plant, receives top priority. We aim to redefine customer support and satisfaction by developing a strategic partnership at the very beginning of the project

After the project is awarded the Project Management Team collaborates directly with the client and partners to:

Develop project scope of work, conduct project work-in-process activities, and on-going reviews.

Compile the submittal drawing packages as well as all the equipment technical information.

Develop delivery, installation, and commissioning schedules.

Schedule equipment installation coordination (contractors, third party equipment manufacturers, service technicians) to ensure that equipment installations proceed smoothly and are properly executed.

Design, develop and supervise the ideal site access path and sequence for equipment rigging activities.

Coordinate definition, scheduling of commission, startup, and training implementation & process optimization.

Confirm final check and close-out schedule, timeline, approvals, and processing. Review final documentation-vendor lists, O&M manuals, training sign-off sheets.

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