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Clean Linens Delivered Safely With Meese Shelf-Trux

In this post-COVID world, safety and cleanliness remain important in every industry, especially in hospitality and healthcare. Meese Shelf-Trux commercial laundry carts easily and safely transport clean linens on shelves to guests and patients. And when empty, the shelves convert to form a ‘wall’ to easily return soiled linens to be laundered.

Meese Shelf-Trux are practical, strong and durable and are built with specific safety features and options. Customers can choose from 11 different Shelf-Trux models with options such as poly or wire shelves, removable or non-removable shelves and other features to make sure you find exactly what you need.

A few of the Meese carts include:

The 90P, the original “roundtripper” is a rugged, versatile, popular, often-imitated shelf truck preferred by many. It comes standard with removable wire shelves perfect for delivering folded goods, cleanly and efficiently. When empty, these shelves can be converted to the soiled position to form a “wall”, making the transportation of soiled linens cleaner and easier within the hospital setting.

The 100P comes standard with easy-to-clean, ventilated all-poly shelves that are quickly and easily converted from the clean position to the soiled position and back easily. The wall thickness, wraparound steel rim support, and industrial grade casters make this cart extra durable and able to handle large, daily loads with ease.

The 101P has a non-removable, hinged, shelf system to enable shelves to be repositioned quickly for use in delivery and return of linens. And, since the shelves stay in the carts, there is no chance for them to get lost. The all-poly shelves are easy to clean and, as a result, help maintain optimum sanitary conditions. And since four carts can fit across a truck, transportation is easy and cost-efficient.

The 87P offers a convenient and more organized solution to the daily challenge of delivering linens from cart to floor. This unique cart comes standard with two removable convertible wire shelves, but was designed to have room for an optional third shelf.

Meese has other Shelf-Trux options including 92P, 102P, 103P, 88P, 84P and 95P.

For more information about these and other Meese Shelf-Trux, visit the company’s web site:  Meese