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Sea-lion Laundry Systems Design

Sea-lion has a large product portfolio and vast industry experience to assist operators in creating smart, efficient laundries.

Industrial Laundry Solutions: We help you determine strategies, measure shop floor capacity, properly configure equipment, optimize shop floor operational efficiency, provide information management solutions, simplify operational management, and support the digital evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things to further improve business performance and efficiency.

Hotel Industry Solutions: By improving the cleanliness and service life of linens, reducing sewage discharge, saving energy costs, and enhancing the customer experience, we offer complete solutions that will help you optimize your production and plant operations to produce more results with fewer resources.


Medical Industry Solutions: Your experience is in medical services, while our expertise is on washing and disinfecting antibacterial and energy management. Learn how we work together to help hospitals and medical washing plants achieve safety and sustainability goals.

Together, we create a clean world!

To learn more about our design capabilities, contact us at sales@sealionamerica.com or visit the company’s web site:  SEA-LION AMERICA