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CLM Vacuum Feeders Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Consolidated Laundry Machinery’s (CLM) VacFeed, FeedFaster, and NapkinFaster are three more ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of your plant operation. Whether you’re processing napkins, tabletops or sheets, CLM’s vacuum feeders help increase speed and quality of work.

CLM’s VacFeed vacuum feeder, for feeding of tabletops and other large pieces, improves ironer efficiency by minimizing loss of ironer capacity between items. The VacFeed works with most ironers, minimizing loss of ironer capacity between items as occurs with normal hand feeding.

Operators place the linen on the feed ribbons of the ironer. Once the leading edge of each item is fed, the VacFeed takes over and workers are free to pick up the next item. Using powerful suction, the VacFeed spreads, straightens and squares the linen as it enters the ironer—thereby eliminating creases. The VacFeed features adjustable height and does its work by a simple downdraft of air. The VacFeed, increases production and quality while minimizing the number of employees needed to operate ironers.

CLM’s FeedFaster vacuum spreader/feeder has a chest and roller for sheets and other large items. It takes up only 10″ in front of the ironer and small pieces can be fed over the unit without disturbing the set-up, or the unit may easily be moved as it is mounted on casters.

The NapkinFaster installs in minutes and increases production of small items up to 25%, by minimizing loss of ironer capacity between items. Operation is easy, requiring no additional training or supervision.

The NapkinFaster uses five lanes for napkins and other small items. It is fully adjustable, allowing easy and quick change of the unit’s height and suction power. Belt speed automatically changes to accommodate the speed of your ironer.

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