Gurtler Introduces Sanitizer

Gurtler Industries, Inc. introduced Power Stat Plus, a new laundry sanitizer designed specifically for the fast-action of today’s modern tunnel operations. This EPA Registered sanitizer can also be used as a residual bacteriostat or self-sanitizer, depending on the degree of fabric protection the user requires.  Based on new, exclusive technology, this is the latest development for the protection of healthcare textiles, according to a company release.

Utilizing new, stringent EPA testing requirements, Power Stat Plus is registered to perform with only three minutes contact time.  Gurtler’s exclusive chemistry rapidly exhausts onto fabric to assure that healthcare textiles are properly treated with long-lasting continuous protection against microbial contamination in the washer, in storage, and in a patient setting.

Power Stat Plus is a key part of the Gurtler Rx Program, which is designed to assure that healthcare textiles are hygienically clean and meet the latest microbiological quality standards. When used with the Gurtler Synergy Technology bleaching programs, Power Stat Plus will assure that healthcare textiles will meet or exceed the quality standards of TRSA, HLAC, NSF and other governing bodies.