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Braun Large Piece Blanket Stacker

Braun manufactures several models and configurations of stackers.

Options for the large piece blanket stacker include:

A five high feature for processing blankets. This allows for stacking of up to five thermal blankets.
Available as a stand-alone stacker with an integrated PLC.
Many available discharge conveyor options.

All Braun flatwork stackers save labor and maintain fold quality as they automatically sort, separate and stack flatwork from a continuous flow of differently sized items.

On the line, the stackers sit side-by-side, accepting flatwork items or passing them on until each piece reaches the stacker programmed for its particular size. Up to four stackers can be arranged in this manner.

Settings such as stack count and conveyor advance can be adjusted simultaneously from the folder. This saves time and reduces user interface with the equipment.

For more information, visit the company’s web site: BRAUN