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Tingue Named Exclusive Rep For Mato Lacing

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. — Mato Lacing is now available in North America, exclusively from Tingue representatives.

Mato Lacing eliminates rust and lacing marks often left on clean linens during feeding, ironing and folding by galvanized metal belt lacing, according to the company. Mato Lacing’s all-stainless steel, flat profile design with unibar fasteners reduce linen contact with the metal and promote a high quality finish.

Mato Lacing replaces the round wire that creates a rise or bump between each belt end with a novel flat wire that allows the belt ends to be tightly joined on a flat profile and prevents the lacing from leaving marks or snagging the linens while ensuring the belts remain perfectly straight once laced.

Mato Lacing is included as standard on orders for the company’s line of more than 50 types of belting and is available in all corresponding widths to meet virtually any specification. For a smooth upgrade to Mato Lacing, Tingue makes transition strips from #25 and #1A Clipper Lacing that ease the initial installation.

For more information, contact Ty Acton, President, 800.829.3864 or visit their website:


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