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CLM Dryer Doors Protect Linens

How often do your dryers harm linens?

Those who have switched to Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) dryers have left behind these three consistent problems:

Matchless rotating doors-CLM, provides a safe environment for linen processing. CLM’s unique rotating doors are patented. Its patented revolving door eliminates problems. This exclusive feature is operated by an air-over-oil mechanism that provides a smooth opening and closing action. CLM doors seal tightly and rotate with the dryer basket which prevents excessive heat loss that eventually occurs in dryers with sliding doors.

In addition, the standard Inlet Temperature Control monitors internal basket temperature to further protect delicate goods and combustibles from damage caused by excessive heat.

But wait, there’s more—CLM’s design eliminates the need for faceplate/gap seals. There are no door-guides to interfere with loading & unloading. Note: Some other models require a complete faceplate removal, front & rear, in order to replace gap seals. Like burner alignment & heat balancing, gap seal replacement is often not done due to the time and expense involved, causing diminished performance & efficiency over time.

Now you can have it all—top-rated dryer performance and linens that look as good when they emerge from the drying process as the moment when they entered the dryer. Buy a dryer from a dryer company not from a wash-machine company. Buy your dryers from CLM, known for the finest dryer technology and building “workhorses” that last.

Call your CLM dealer today or dial (323) 232-2417 so we can introduce you to your local CLM dealer.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  CLM