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B&C Celebrates 25 Years

B&C Technologies, a family company, was founded in 1995 by Bengt Bruce as a commercial laundry parts business largely based out of his daughter’s garage. Now employing 35 people, B&C Technologies has moved into their permanent home on Panama City Beach. The 70,000 square feet facility, the fifth and final location, houses our office, warehouse, parts, and production area.

As the company expanded, it moved from the garage, to a small building in the Holley Circle Commercial Park, to McElvey Avenue, over to 11th Street, then 17th Street, and finally the Beach Commerce Park just West of Highway 79.

In the past 25 years, B&C has delivered over 15,000 machines, from 35-pound up to 475-pound washers and dryers, plus ironers and automatic sheet and towel folders for use in hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, correctional facilities, fire stations, and other commercial laundries.

B&C’s network of distributors throughout North, Central, and South America, now approaching 100 strong, continues to deliver its full line of commercial and industrial laundry equipment to facilities in the Western Hemisphere. From B&C’s headquarters in Panama City Beach, B&C Technologies is poised for growth over the next 25 years and looks forward to serving the community.


Ownership picture above: front row, left to right: Mats Bruce, Catharina Whitehead, Bengt Bruce. Back row, left to right: Gary Cowen, Robert Cowen, Sr., Bobby Cowen.