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Royal Basket Hampers

Royal Basket Hampers are ideal for all applications including laundry, recycling, spa/pool, sports equipment and more.


Their features include:

* Convenient and collapsible collection hampers

* Bags are constructed of breathable mesh or vinyl

* Vinyl is flame retardant, mold, mildew, UV and tear resistant

* Kits include a bag and galvanized steel rod stand

* Wipe down with a mild detergent for easy clean up

* Various bag styles available: Standard, Enviro, Towel, Pool Towel, Mesh and with attached cover

* Hampers ship economically via UPS or FedEx and fold up easy for storage when not in use


Parts, accessories and upgrades are available for all Royal Basket trucks.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  Royal Basket Trucks