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Going Green

  • Fibertech’s LT70

    Fibertech’s LT70

    Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to laundry trucks, where a smaller unit can have many advantages over larger, bulkier models.  Fibertech’s F-LT70 is a small but mighty laundry truck with wheels that includes many of the benefits of its bulk laundry carts, in a smaller size.  The F-LT70 has many advantages for

  • DynOzone – DynaWash® Ozone System

    DynOzone – DynaWash® Ozone System

    EAST BERLIN, Conn. — EDRO’s DynOzone – DynaWash® Ozone system saves money.  Anything that can be processed in a regular washer-extractor can be washed in the DynOzone system. The system uses UV radiation to create two types of activated oxygen gas. This special gas (Germicidal Ozone and Oxidizing Ozone) is then directly injected into the wash tub.

  • Fibertech Carts

    Fibertech Carts

    Is there any quality difference between virgin and 100% recycled material carts? One of the top 10 questions asked about our laundry carts is, “Is there any quality difference between virgin and 100% recycled material?” At first glance, virgin plastic laundry carts might seem better than regrind carts, but actually this is not true. Both

  • Milnor’s MWF-Series

    Milnor’s MWF-Series

    KENNER, La. – Pellerin Milnor’s MWF-Series offers the latest in suspended washer-extractors. Featuring unsurpassed wash quality, thoughtful design, and innovative controls, the MWF-Series promotes savings and programming flexibility fit for both commercial and industrial laundry application. Available in 60 lb. (27 kg), 100 lb. (45 kg), 140 lb. (63 kg), 170 lb. (77 kg) and 220

  • Milnor’s RinSave Water Saver Feature

    Milnor’s RinSave Water Saver Feature

    Milnor’s exclusive RinSave water saver software allows the basket to reach a precise G-force that “slings” the wash liquor (including water, chemistry, and soil) out of the goods after a wash step.  This feature will save up to 2 rinses per load and fill/rinse time.  Laundries with the RinSave feature will get more loads per

  • EDRO’s Water Reuse Systems In Laundry Installations

    EDRO’s Water Reuse Systems In Laundry Installations

    There are many benefits to using a water reuse system  They include, reduced fresh water usage, reduced detergents and toxins discharge/release associated with laundry wastewater,  reduced wastewater discharge, reduced energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions associated with laundry water heating The basic concept of a water reuse system (WRS) is to process the “grey”

  • Renewable, Recyclable and Sustainable Tecni-Quip Carts

    Renewable, Recyclable and Sustainable Tecni-Quip Carts

    SEGUIN, TEXAS — Since its first laundry / textile service linen transport cart was manufactured in 1961, Tecni-Quip has gained the reputation of manufacturing durable long lasting aluminum carts that will last decades – and what could be greener than that?  TQ has always been green and sustainable while meeting these principles: – 30% post-consumer material: 

  • Tingue


    TINGUE Tingue is a leading global supplier of high quality finishing equipment products and dedicated services for modern commercial laundries. The family-owned company develops, manufactures and stocks hundreds of different flatwork ironer products for every type of flatwork ironer and textile material to promote important energy savings, high throughput rates with low maintenance, and great

  • Braun Precision Series Ironers

    Braun Precision Series Ironers

    Braun has your ironer solution.  Braun Precision Series® Standard and Self-Contained Ironers are 20 – 30% more energy efficient than ever before. Some of the many new modifications to the Precision Series Ironers: Insulated side shields maintain the heat within the ironer box, not on the drive components.  Others have non-insulated sheet steel design. Ironer