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  • ARCO/Murray Completes Laundry Build-Out

    ARCO/Murray Completes Laundry Build-Out

    ARCO/Murray recently completed a build-out for a Cooperative Laundry in Kearny, New Jersey.  The new 57,000 square-foot laundry will serve the New York City metro area hospitality market and it is one of the most technologically advanced laundries in the United States, according to a press release. Kannegiesser E-Tech supplied the facility with an automated

  • Career Changes at Kannegiesser

    Career Changes at Kannegiesser

    Career changes at Kannegiesser:  Casey Lott; Sascha Nagel and Robert Douglass.   Casey Lott Casey moved from the Systems Performance Team to Technical Marketing Coordinator. A graduate of UW-Stout, I’m a serious free lance photographer and I’ve held marketing roles in various organizations. After great experiences as an installer and on the Systems Performance Team,

  • Kannegiesser ETECH’s eVue

    Kannegiesser ETECH’s eVue video

    Kannegiesser ETECH’s eVue integration ties data together from the soiled system to the finishing equipment. All data is easily accessible and reportable in eVue.     For more information, visit the company’s web site: Kannegiesser ETECH  

  • Kannegiesser’s Training

    Kannegiesser’s Training

    Kannegiesser’s recent service seminars were a huge success. Approximately 70 attendees from across North America participated in interactive technical training sessions in rail systems and logistics, washers and dryers, and flatwork and finishing. Tony Schult, director of systems performance, welcomed attendees to kick off each session and factory trained instructors Donnie Edmundson, Mark Kimble, Tony

  • Finding Laundry Efficiency Gains – At Home

    Finding Laundry Efficiency Gains – At Home

    By Larry Erickson, Kannegiesser ETECH, Director of Software Development Like any motivated employee, I often find myself engulfed in deep thought about a particular work problem. Normally, these times of deep thought manifest in typical ways of deep thinkers; 30-minute showers, missing a freeway exit, or staring at my wife’s dumbfounded expression as I realize

  • Kannegiesser E-Tech’s eVue

    Kannegiesser E-Tech’s eVue video

    Kannegiesser E-Tech’s innovative software eVue can increase your operation’s efficiency and productivity through eVue Control, Labor and Metrics.  See how….    eVue Software Make your operation faster, smarter, more efficient, and more productive. Put the industry’s most innovative software to work for you with eVue by E-Tech. The eVue suite encompasses material handling control, plant

  • Kannegiesser ETECH Expands Customer Service

    Kannegiesser ETECH Expands Customer Service

    Six months after the announcement that Kannegiesser had acquired E-Tech and formed “Kannegiesser ETECH”, the company has expanded its customer service through several organizational changes. The company has named Tony Schult to a key management post – Director of Systems Performance Team. “I am very happy to announce that the combined customer service team will