ADC Debuts Automatic Lint Removal, Energy Efficiency

FALL RIVER, Mass. – American Dryer Corp. (ADC) announced the international launch of its new innovation, IntelliLint™, at the 2015 Clean Show in Atlanta. IntelliLint removes lint automatically and effortlessly by capturing it in water and automatically disposing of the lint/water mixture in a standard drain. Patent-pending IntelliLint completely eliminates the need for lint screens and will be available on ADC’s full range (35-120 pound capacity) of i-Series dryers.

“This is a revolutionary invention,” said Tony Regan, VP of Global Sales. “IntelliLint addresses the real-world laundry challenge of removing lint from dryers. It will streamline daily maintenance for laundries and on-premise operations, saving time and money. We are confident it will fundamentally change the way the industry handles lint.”


In addition to automatically removing the lint from the dryer cabinet, IntelliLint also reduces exhaust duct lint bypass by up to 50 percent as compared to standard dryers, reducing associated untidiness and required cleanup. Due to the innovative design, the system also promotes improved operating efficiency, further contributing to the i-Series dryers’ reputation for leading-edge efficiency and design.

“IntelliLint is the most recent of a long line of engineering-driven solutions ADC has launched to help our laundry partners be more successful, and we’re excited to reveal it at the Clean Show,” said Chris FitzGerald, President and CEO. “We’re proud of our history of innovation in the commercial laundry marketplace for over 50 years, and looking forward to more innovations to come.”