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Alsco Uniforms Donates to the Maui Strong Fund

Alsco Uniforms provides uniform laundry services and other products that keep businesses clean and safe for a range of customers including those in the healthcare, industrial and hospitality industries. At their recent Managers Meeting in Maui they announced a donation of $50,000 to Hawai’i Community Foundation’s Maui Strong Fund, according to a news release.  This philanthropic initiative will provide financial resources for both immediate and long-term recovery efforts in the wake of the destructive Maui wildfires during August 2023.

The Maui Strong Fund, which Hawai’i Community Foundation administers, serves as a beacon of hope for communities grappling with the aftermath of the devastating wildfires. The $50,000 contribution from Alsco Uniforms aims to assist affected individuals and places, fostering resilience and aiding in the reconstruction of Maui’s vibrant landscapes.

“Alsco Uniforms is deeply invested in the well-being of the communities we serve. The Maui Strong Fund aligns with our values, and we are honored to contribute to the restoration and rebuilding efforts in the aftermath of the Maui wildfires,” said Honolulu Branch General Manager, Brian Arkle. “Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected. Alsco Uniforms has been part of the Hawaiian community since 1964 and wants to ensure the communities it serves are taken care of when it needs support the most.”