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American Dryer Corp’s AD-120i

FALL RIVER, Mass. — American Dryer Corporation (ADC) continues their legacy of innovative products with the introduction of the “I” Series dryers. The “Intelligent” dryers are engineered for performance, durability, reliability and efficiency.

The “I” series dryers incorporate a trans-axial airflow that maximizes efficiency without sacrificing performance. They feature a unique pre-burner chamber* that introduces warm, dry incoming air to the burner. A variable speed drive (VSD) is calibrated with the Intuitive Micro Control with a patented auto-dry system. As items dry they become lighter and the VSD adjusts the speed of the drum to prevent centrifuging (when lighter items adhere to the drum away from the path of warm air). By keeping the items in line with the warm airflow, dry times are reduced and efficiency maximized. The VSD provides less wear and tear on motors and rollers and allows for the elimination of the idler arm. Less moving parts equals less maintenance. The AD-120i (as do all I Series dryers) features a heavy-duty trunnion and bearing assembly supported in front by high temp rubber rollers to avoid costly repairs. 

A highlight to the I Series is the patented Automatic Airflow Compensator (AAFC). AAFC will compensate for high static pressure caused by undersized exhaust work. AAFC senses, calculates and maintains proper airflow maximizing efficiency and performance.

Reversing baskets are standard with all “I” Series dryers. The reversing tumbler action prevents uneven drying due to “balling” or “roping” of larger items that can slow the drying process and expend unnecessary utilities. ADC’s patented SAFE (Sensor Activated Fire Extinguishing) system is standard. When connected to water the SAFE system will activate when sensing an abnormal rise in temperature to avoid costly damage and expense due to spontaneous combustion. It is also the only such system to shut itself off to minimize clean-up and, in the event a fire re-ignites, will reactivate. Stainless steel fronts and baskets are also standard on all I Series dryers.  

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