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ARTA Studies Pass Peer Review

by Nancy Jenkins. ARTA Executive Director

Two Studies Pass Peer-Review: The Safety of Reusable Textiles and the Economic Impact of Cleanroom Textiles

A literature review on the safety of reusable textiles over the past 50 years and a study on the economic impact of reusable cleanroom textiles are the latest peer-reviewed placements.

Two ARTA papers have been accepted via the peer-review process with publish dates TBD. Peer review is the standard that determines whether research, a study, or literature review is considered scientifically valid. Without the peer-review stamp of approval, data is considered anecdotal.

— The Safety Record of Reusables Over 50 Years (1970 – 2020) is accepted and will run in the Journal of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. The paper defines and shows that the incidence of links of reusables to Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI) (proven and unproven) is inconsequential.

— Paper on the National Economic and Environmental Benefits of Reusable in Cleanroom Textiles has been approved. This will run in the PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology.

Both of these works were conducted by Environmental Clarity, a research firm specializing in life cycle assessment and textiles. The ARTA Cleanroom Committee oversaw the economic impact study on cleanroom textiles. ARTA’s LCA Committee will begin work on economic impact studies related to isolation and surgical gowns. ARTA will make copies of these works available to members as soon as published.