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ARTA’s 2018 Education Conference

ARTA’s Educational Conference is planned for July 25-27 at the Chateau Laurier in Ontario, Canada.  The educational offerings include:

Case History on Silva Clean/Silver Clear
Does a silver additive extend the shelf life and kill factor for treated textiles?  Learn results from Medline representatives and the COMTEX team.
By Myles Noel, COMTEX and Chuck Rossmiller, Medline.

Bac-Stat Versus No Bac-Stat?
This once popular treatment fell out of favor due to cost. But is it time to reconsider? With infection control reaching top-priority status, does bac stat have its place?
By Kevin McLaren of Gurtler Industries.

The truth about C.diff and Tunnel Washers
Is there proof that the laundry process kills C.diff? Learn the results of this ARTA study using Peracetic Acid in a laundry process that simulates the action of a tunnel washer.
By Kevin McLaren, Gurtler Industries

A Review of BioFilm: Causes, Effects, Treatments and Solutions
A review of biofilm/contamination regarding wash aisle equipment, its cause and effects, and ways to prevent/correct of this condition. The National Institute of Heath states that more than 95% of hospital infections come from biofilm contamination. While biofilm contamination comes from many sources in the hospital, our industry and operators must be aware of the laundry’s role.
By Gary Ostrum, G.A. Braun

New Method to Remove Adhesive from Linen During Wash Process
Ecolab has developed this laundry program for the healthcare industry that utilizes a patent-pending formula to enable adhesive removal from linen during the wash process. Tests have shown that use of the program can help healthcare facilities reclaim up to 99 percent of adhesive-stained linen.
By Ecolab representative

Workwear in Healthcare: Linen Loss and Hidden Health Dangers
Scrubs literally walk out of the hospital each day and can result in 90% loss ratios annually. What’s worse, many hospital staff wears scrubs after work and launder at home. TRSA presents data that makes the case for professional laundering of healthcare garments and scrubs.
By Kevin Schwab, TRSA

Perfect Clean on Insights and Data Supporting Reusable Textiles for Infection Control and Prevention Programs
Infection prevention products and programs including the critical importance of color coding and one-per-room methodologies to ensure a safe patient environment. In this time of aggressive marketing of disposable products by Fortune 1000 companies, much of it misleading, there is abundant data that supports reusables that doesn’t make it to the forefront.
By George Clarke, CEO, Perfect Clean

The Chainge Movement in Europe: Eurotape Shares LCA Results and Overview of New Consortium
By Hans Van der Meer, Eurotape, and Eric Vozzola, Environmental Clarity

Vintex on Incontinence Pad LCA and New Fabrics
Learn about this company’s Environmental Stewardship Program, a game changer for selling incontinence pad products.
By Kasper Van Veen

Panel Discussion on Life Cycle Analyses and How to Use the Data
ARTA has completed three LCAs within the past few years on isolation and surgical gowns, as well as cleanroom coveralls. Two of these LCAs have been accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Learn from operators and suppliers how to use this data as a marketing tool.
By panel discussion, TBD. Steve Tinker, Gurtler, Moderator

Marketing for Long-Term Care
Learn the latest trends in this rapidly growing market segment and how your operation can maximize opportunities for future growth.
By Kevin Schwab, TRSA

Cubicle Curtain Programs — Case Histories Provide Best Practices
Learn from other operators how to make this add-on business profitable while providing extra value for clients.
By Brendan O’Neill, London Hospital Linen Service, Barb Fordyce, FMA, Standard Textile and Medline representatives, TBD

Case Study: Manual or Electric for Validating Par Counts on Isolation Gowns?
This case study features United Hospital Services and the results of working with Positek to electronically validate wash counts on isolation gowns, as opposed manually marking each item.
By Jeff Markman and Jack Hamilton, Positek, and Ed McCauley, United Hospital Services.


The conference agenda includes tabletop exhibits, Welcome Reception by MIP on July 25, and Sponsor Reception on July 26. A plant tour of HLS Linen Services is available on July 25. 

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