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ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems

VERSAILLES, Ky. — ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems have the experience of 40 years in institutional laundry and over a decade of ozone laundry.  ArtiClean systems are approved by the CDC and CMS for use in lieu of hot water in any healthcare laundry.  There are four distinct styles of ozone laundry systems –  the AW Series, AT Series, EconOzone and the AC Series.

The AW Series features a Venturi Injection System by Mazzei.  This system injects ozone into the water in a single pass before it enters the washer/extractor.  The AW Series is capable of handling several sizes of laundries from two 60lb washers up to ten 60lb washers.  The AT Series offers many of the same features of the AW Series; however, it is capable of handling wash aisle capacities well over 3000 lbs. De-gassing chambers are a standard feature on all AW,AT and AC ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems.  The chamber helps eliminate the problem of off-gassing in the wash room.   The AC Series is the worlds first Ozone Laundry System designed for Coin Laundry applications.

The EconOzone was designed for easy installation, less than 3 hours in most applications, and safety.  Only the correct amount of ozone is metered to each washer.  The Plasmatics Ozone generator will provide the correct amount of ozone per each individual washer, no matter the size.  Both the EconOzone and EconOzone Lite models are the most cost effective on the market.

All ArtiClean Ozone Laundry Systems, except EconOzone models, include a patent pending Ozone Laundry Smart Controller (OLSC).  The OLSC actually monitors the ozone laundry system, including the ozone levels, at all times.  With the OLSC, the operators can be assured that all systems are working properly and that the ozone levels remain consistent in order to kill bacteria.  Should the system malfunction or ozone levels drop below and unsafe level to properly disinfect, the operators are warned at once.