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Ask and Compare at Lavatec

BEACON FALLS, Conn. – Every laundry system equipment manufacturer has plenty to say about its tunnel washers and other offerings. But what does it really mean? How do they differ? How will those differences impact day-to-day performance, operating costs and long-term returns from your million-dollar-plus investment?

Clean 2015, gives buyers an opportunity to get an up-close, hands-on feel for how competitive manufacturers stack up.
“We want visitors to take a really close look ‘under the hood,’ so to speak,” Mark Thrasher, president of Lavatec Laundry Technology, Inc., says. “Only then can they see how Lavatec machines are thoughtfully, thoroughly designed for simplicity, to ‘engineer out’ extraneous parts, maintenance time/costs and operator steps found in other makes. Close inspection also reveals how our machines are built in ways that -set Lavatec apart, and deliver savings along with operational advantages to help laundries deliver high quality linens day in and day out, for decades.”

Thrasher offers some tips to attendees.
• Keeping it simple: Ask about Laser-Guided Lavatec Drum Manufacturing
• Ask about water usage, fabric-friendly mechanical action and ‘cake-making’
• Learn about the mechanical action.
• Ask about double-drum construction, and friction drive vs. chain drive systems

At the Lavatec booth experts will be there to answer these questions and more. Stop by and see the equipment on display including three Girbau units along with the LT35-10 tunnel washer and:
• LP571 press
• LX445 washer-extractor
• FL633 gas dryer
• TT756G dryer
• Lavatec rail system
• Lavafeed DRF-3 spreader feeder
• Lavaroll self-contained thermal fluid ironer
• Lavafold FL-Smart folder

Their new computerized, multifaceted laundry operation management system capabilities also will be demonstrated.