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Braun Dye-Extractors Top Side Loader

Hundreds installed worldwide.  Braun dye-extractors are available in multi-pocket Top Side Loader (TSL) models in 200-, 400-, 600- and 800-pound load sizes.  Each provides the highest level of precision, speed, and economic benefit available.  These machines offer savings in time, water, energy, floor space and labor.

  • Braun’s patented center shaft injection system (CSI) allows dye liquor to be circulated from the heat exchanger through the center shaft of the cylinder as well as through normal injection ports, thereby achieving penetration of the goods from two directions simultaneously at the lowest possible cylinder speed
  • All models are designed for unobstructed, fast gravity-assisted loading and unloading – easily accommodating sling load systems and carts or conveyors for unloading.
  • Simple and effective Braun Neutron suspension isolates vibration allowing for high speed extraction – two-speed extraction standard on all models. High speed extraction reduces drying time and saves energy.
  • Liquor ratio controls allow you to program and maintain the specific ratio of mass of water to mass of goods – to ensure consistency of dyeing.  Once a procedure is established, simply enter the weight of the goods as the basis for water injection calculation.
  •  Braun controls allow you to program all dyeing processes including cycle times, cylinder speeds, liquor ratios, water temperature, dye and chemical injection, controlled temperature rate of rise and cool-down and extraction, and they are completely self-diagnostic.

For more information, visit the company’s web site:  BRAUN