Calling for ARTA BOD Nominees

The ARTA Board of Directors is now accepting nominations for its 2020 board.

ARTA has two seats open this year — one for an operator and one for a supplier.  Terms are two years. The deadline is April 15.

Nominee Criteria

In selecting nominees, ARTA strives to maintain a balance of suppliers and operators (institutional and commercial), and weighs factors including industry experience, commitments to other industry groups, and previous involvement in ARTA.

Download the application.

Election at Annual Member Meeting

As in 2018, the election results are announced at the Annual Member Meeting, which is this year at Clean during ARTA’s Breakfast at Clean on June 21.  If a primary member is unable to vote or attend, he or she can vote by proxy.

ARTA membership is with the company. The Company then appoints a primary member to vote and respond to ARTA business. Only primary members vote in ARTA elections.

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