Leonard Laundry

Chicago’s Edge Maxx CT Feeder

CHICAGO, Ill. — Designed for high speed, high production health care work, the Edge Maxx CT is the perfect mix of performance and simplicity. Using Chicago’s domestic and worldwide patented true cornerless feeding technology to amplify the productivity of laundry personnel, two operators can produce as much linen every hour as the fastest available four station feeder that requires four or more operators to do the same work. It can work efficiently with as many as three or as few as one operator, depending on the condition of work being processed and quantity required.

Using comfortable, yet space efficient, lateral separation of the feed targets, each operator effectively has their own Edge to work with. Faster speed capability and 50% more storage capacity allow even the best operator to have fewer limitations and zero wait time.

The Edge Maxx CT comes with the CHI•Touch PC control operating system which offers a complete package of machine operation and management.