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China’s Laundry Industry

By M. Susan Pryor and Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


The laundry industry is thriving in China. According to statistics of Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, in 2014 the number of companies engaged in the laundry service industry (excluding machinery and chemical manufacturers) reached 85,500, a 7.43% increase from 2013.  At the end of 2014, the China Laundry Association (CLA) cited 1.1 million people were engaged in the laundry service and manufacturing industry.

China’s Laundry Industry Revenues

In 2014, the general assets of the laundry service industry (excluding machinery and chemical manufacturers) totaled approximately $17.5 billion, a 6.4% increase from 2013. The total revenue of laundry industry in 2014 was approximately $12.5 billion, a 17% increase compared to $10.6 billion in 2013. Estimates of the square footage dedicated to the laundry business has risen to 13.78 million sq ft in 2014, from 12.49 million sq ft in 2013.

Structure of China Laundry Service Industry1 (1)

Textile and hospitality facilities comprise 49% of total revenue for the laundry service industry. As China welcomes more tourists, hospitality laundering grabs the largest proportion of sales volume yearly due to an emphasis on linens. Hospital laundries come in at 31%, restaurant facilities take 12%, all others 8%.

Chinese laundry chain stores occupy the largest proportion of the non-industrial segment. The demand for convenient laundry service is increasing due to China’s large population, standard of living, and busy urban lifestyle.  Comprising China’s non-industrial laundry segment are chain stores at 39%, central factory facilities at 24%, small laundries at 21% and coin laundry service at 16%.

Window of Opportunity for Chinese Laundry Markets

Due to a rich variety of innovations in laundry process and affiliated products, the laundry industry is growing in China. To promote that growth, the China Laundry Association and Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. have organized the annual China International Laundry Exhibition which will be held in Shanghai from July 12-14, 2016.


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