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Cintas Chicago Facility Earns Zero Waste Certification

Cintas Corporation announced that its direct sale and rental distribution centers (DCs) located in its Chicago, Ill. facility have been awarded Gold level under the TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) certification system for zero waste. Administered by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), TRUE helps facilities define, pursue and achieve zero waste goals while becoming more resource-efficient, according to a news release. 

Cintas’ Chicago DCs were certified Gold as a result of diverting more than 90 percent of its waste stream from landfill and incineration, having a zero waste policy in place and meeting the TRUE certification requirements over the past 12 months. The facility services the regional Cintas rental locations and includes large production areas dedicated to shipping and receiving all types of new products, including garments for its largest direct sale and rental customers in the hospitality, gaming, healthcare and airline industries, among others.

“This TRUE Gold certification is a reflection of our dedication to company-wide sustainability efforts that positively improve the way we do business,” said Krista Jaeger, Manager of Sustainability at Cintas. “Led by distribution center managers, Justin Perry and Glade Parrish, the team at our Chicago DCs paired their sustainable spirit with continuous hard work to achieve their zero waste goals.”

TRUE certified spaces are environmentally responsible, more resource efficient and help turn waste into savings and additional income streams. By closing the loop, they cut greenhouse gases, manage risk, reduce litter and pollution, reinvest resources locally, create jobs and add more value for their company and community. TRUE also certifies events to improve their sustainability.

Since 2013, eight Cintas distribution centers have achieved Gold or Platinum TRUE certification – the highest levels attainable under the certification program. The DC facilities have displayed continued success throughout the journey and have helped to motivate the entire company in the right direction by setting a precedence for excellence when it comes to responsible waste management and overall facility efficiency.

“Companies with TRUE certified facilities are industry leaders in finding solutions to cut greenhouse gases, reduce litter and pollution, and add more value for their company and community,” said Stephanie Barger, Director, Market Transformation & Development for TRUE. “By adopting a zero waste strategy, Cintas is making an ongoing commitment to sustainability. We are thrilled to certify Cintas’ Chicago distribution centers at the Gold level.”